Frequently Asked Questions

About Yoga

What is Yoga then?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yug’, to ‘yoke together’ Yoga is the connection between mind, body and breath. Without those three elements then it’s not Yoga. So when we do our yoga postures we also control the mind by applying the breath. Breath is the bridge between mind and body


What Kind of Yoga does Yocalm use?

YOCALM has had the privilege of using Sun Power Yoga, which is a unique blend of Hatha, Sivananda, and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.


Can anyone learn Yoga?

Yes anyone can learn yoga, and its important to know that there are many Yoga’s. Hatha is the poses, Raja is the meditation, jnana is knowledge, nada is sound and Karma the yoga of work. So people will always begin with the body poses called Asana’s, which means steady… Its familiar and important then the other yoga’s reveal themselves.


Why should I learn Yoga?

You should or should not learn yoga… its your choice, however if you learned nothing but how to breathe then as its about life and without good breathing our health is compromised then its a no brainer!


Is there any proof that Yoga benefits wellbeing?

There is so much medical evidence; that GPs send patients to us to help support their diagnosis and continued health improvement. Yoga is aerobic as it increases blood flow to the heart and is therefore cardio vascular, meaning it works the heart into health.  When we relax by lying on the floor and focusing on the breath 3 things happen: the mind stills, the breath clams and the body relaxes, this allows the adrenals to balance and bring a whole body response. Medical and scientific evidence is accumulating very fast now; they are just catching up with the ancients who knew it anyway.


Do I need a teacher?

Its great to work at home but its very important to have high quality teachers on your home systems. They wont replace a class teacher but check out the credentials and qualifications of that teacher. At YOCALM you have the best that both the UK and the World can offer. If you get a chance to join them on a retreat then do it! Our system will then supplement and support your growth.


How long does it take to learn?

How long is a piece of string? Yoga is not about end-gaining its about the experience so even if you struggle to begin with you will progress at your own pace. This is very important as strain often results in injury and then giving up! So enjoy learning to be aware of your healthy body rather then fixing on the achieving, the results will be profound especially when it comes to learning how to breathe!


Is Yoga religious?

Yoga is a philosophy; a way of doing and thinking. It’s not a religion. However some of its scriptures were based on Hindu theory only to help people understand that in yoga philosophy we discover we are not our body, mind or breath but Spirit…in Latin this ‘spiritus’ means Breath!



About Meditation

What is meditation, anyway?

In a nutshell, meditation is the practice of paying attention and focusing awareness – in short, being fully conscious of the here and now. Yocalm teaches a practical set of tools and techniques that anyone can use to learn to meditate, promoting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The result? More clarity and less stress!


Which kind of meditation does Yocalm use?

Most meditation approaches were developed as part of various spiritual disciplines, in recent years, many non-religious techniques have been created to bring the tangible benefits of meditation to people’s lives, outside of a religious or spiritual context — like Yocalm.

The Yocalm experts have been trained in various forms of meditation; you will find guided meditations used in yoga practices, visualisations and chakra meditation which is a form of meditation that increases energy.


Can anyone learn to meditate?


People from all walks of life have practiced meditation for thousands of years.


Why should I learn to meditate?

Everyone can benefit physically, emotionally and mentally from learning these techniques. If you want more peace of mind, better sleep, to be more productive at work, to feel happier or to have better relationships with others. You should definitely give it a try.

Is there any proof that meditation benefits wellbeing?


It’s a buzzing field of scientific research; the evidence is growing all the time.


Do I need a teacher?

The key to learning meditation is having authentic and reliable information.

If you are fortunate enough to have personal instruction from a qualified teacher, then great! But you can also learn the fundamental techniques from a reliable book or website — like Yocalm.

If you want personal instruction to progress your practice – click here for a list of qualified SUN POWER YOGA teachers in your area


How long does it take to learn?

It’s different for every person it can be 1 session or 10 sessions, but generally you can learn and get comfortable with the basic techniques within 5 days – that’s why we’ve designed the 5 days for 5 minutes program.

21 days is when the body creates a habit or breaks a habit so you need to continue your journey with us to see substantial change.


What’s the difference between meditation and yoga?

Yoga is actually a complete system of spiritual training which incorporates a wide range of guidance, ranging from ethics and morality to contemplation and meditation. Meditation, although integral, is just one part of this.

In many forms of yoga meditation is the highest achievement, you perform yoga so your body can meditate for hours in comfort! But don’t worry we don’t expect you to sit for hours


Is meditation religious?

Not necessarily. Meditation has evolved over thousands of years, rooted in various spiritual disciplines. But at its core, it’s a deeply practical set of techniques that can benefit anyone, without having to affiliate itself with any particular religion.

At Yocalm, we believe that meditation can benefit everyone, regardless of their spiritual orientation, so we draw upon the essence of these tried and tested techniques, but without any spiritual agenda whatsoever

Do I have to sit cross-legged on the floor?

For your meditation practice the correct position is the ‘lotus’ position, crossed legged with your back straight, your thumb and forefinger touching and hands rested on your legs.

Our experts will guide you into this position during your sessions

However our other relaxation, breathing and visualisation sessions can be performed lying down, seated or standing it all depends on how you feel most comfortable!

As you perform more yoga practices meditation will become easier!



About your practice

When should I meditate and do yoga?

Once a day is about right. It helps to make it part of your routine — so if you find it easiest to meditate in the morning before breakfast do so. As you progress your journey we will recommend times to perform each practice

Work yoga into your life; so find the right time and place that works for you. Often this is before work or before sleep.


What should I wear to meditate and practice yoga?

Clothes are always a good idea!

Seriously though, nothing too loose that comes over your face in inversions or trousers too long that may trip you up. As long as you can move then use aerobic or gym wear. Avoid anything too tight around the waist or inside thigh.


Why can’t I stop thinking?

Because you’re a human being, and our default setting has become frenetic thought! If we could stop thinking at will, we wouldn’t need to learn to meditate. Just be gentle with yourself.


Why can’t I get comfortable?

We tend to live such stressful lives; it’s little wonder we find it hard to be still. Here are a couple of pointers:

Try to find a comfortable, alert sitting position — try sitting at the front of the chair to keep a comfortably straight back, and tuck your chin slightly under to lengthen your spine.

Even if you’re feeling restless, commit to finishing the session. Acknowledge the urge to get up without judging or trying to change it, but bring your attention back to your breath (again and again if necessary), without giving yourself a hard time if possible.


Why do I feel so frustrated every time I meditate?

We’re so used to applying effort to achieve a particular outcome that it’s easy to ‘try’ to be still — which is the surest way to tense up! As much as you can, try to let go of any desire to be ‘good’ at meditation, and release any expectations of yourself and the process. You’ll find that just letting whatever happens, happen, is (counter–intuitively) the best way to progress.



Why do I fall asleep when I meditate?

On the one hand, don’t worry about it — you’re obviously finding it relaxing! But if you do doze off regularly, you might need to change the time of day you’re meditating, or adjust your posture — the aim is to find a balance of stillness and alertness to get the most out of each session.


I can’t find the time…

It’s always a bit tricky to adjust your routine, but making that extra effort will be worth it, for the yoga, mediation or a fitness class.

Its all about discipline, I’m sure you could find the time to watch a tv program? So why not plan Yocalm into the day too? do you travel home on the bus or tube? Use an audio session for then.


I forgot for a few days, can I pick up where I left off?

If it’s just a day or two you’ve missed, you can restart where you left off. But you might like to start from the beginning — the sessions are designed to follow each other back–to–back. And it’s not a race, so there’s no harm in starting again at Day 1 if you get more out of it in the longer run.


Why aren’t I seeing improvements?

Learning to meditate and learning yoga is like learning any other skill, like driving a car — you don’t expect to hit the motorway after your first few lessons! Be patient with yourself, and take it slowly and without expecting too much, too quickly.



How do I deal with pain whilst meditating?

When you sit to meditate it’s actually very common to experience a bit of pain. It might be an imbalance in the body, muscular tension, or even the release of emotional tension from the ups and downs of everyday life. These feelings obviously become a bit clearer when you sit down quietly and are free from distractions. So strange as it sounds, you experience them because you have more clarity.

Sometimes the physical pain or emotional tension can feel a bit more ingrained. Maybe it’s an old injury you’ve had for many years, or discomfort associated with a situation from a very long time ago. This can be more difficult to deal with as you will probably have already built up a lot of resistance to the pain.

But whatever the type of pain, it’s useful to remember that as a general rule the more aware you are of pain, and the more welcoming you are towards it, the easier it is to manage and the more likely you are to understand it. It sounds counter-intuitive to welcome pain in this way, but you’ll find it much easier to work with if you do.

So to begin with, try if you can to get comfortable just sitting with it – essentially making friends with the pain. Pay more attention to your reaction to the pain, rather than the pain itself – that’s where the real insight is.

If the pain’s very stubborn and you’re finding it difficult to sit with, then you can also be a bit more proactive and investigate the pain. Where is it? Is it a general area or a vey precise spot? Don’t be too quick to make a judgement or assumption, but rather take the time to really investigate. Does it have a particular shape? Is it a dull pain or a sharp pain? Is there movement around the pain or does it feel very static? If this investigative approach is done in the right way and with a natural curiosity, then it can really transform the way pain is experienced.

As you start you yoga practice your body will be more supple and this will allow pain to flow out of your body a lot easier!


Technical Queries

How do I manage my account and change my online details?

Do this from your account page via the top right hand corner, once logged in you can edit you name, account details and add a picture!

How do I cancel my Monthly ‘cancel anytime’ subscription?

Do this from your account settings, there will be an option to cancel your membership.

How do I get access the free meditation program?

Just go to our home page and scroll to the bottom and click the link or visit freemeditation.yocalm.com

I’ve sent an email to you and not had a reply?

There may be a number of reasons you’re not receiving emails from us. We recommend you check your Spam filter settings and look through your Junk folder, in case our emails are going in there. If this is not the case, then we may have the incorrect email address registered for you. Please check your account details to ensure your email address is spelt correctly and it’s your valid email address. Finally, it may be because we are a little busy or meditating!  We answer all of your emails personally so we may just be a little behind on getting back to you.  We’ll be with you very soon we promise.

I have a promotional code. Where do I go to claim my offer?

During the checkout phase there will be a section to add any codes you received. The amount of discount will be taken off before purchase.

Why can’t I download the programmes as MP3’s?

You actually can – we have albums on ITunes – just search Yocalm. We cannot allow downloads via the website due to the fact that we are running a business and we need to protect our hard work and creations, it would be to easy for our work to be pirated if we allowed this.

Can I skip ahead to future series in the Yocalm Journey?

Of course you can! You can do whatever you want – just go to the courses page and choose what you want!

However we have carefully planned each series to guide you and build up your personal knowledge in each area from fitness, yoga and relaxation. We recommend that you start with the book of Yocalm; once this is complete feel free to pick and choose your next series.

What happens once I have subscribed to Yocalm?

Once you have subscribed to Yocalm (thanks for subscribing by the way!) you will first of all get an email from us and you will get an email from Worldpay or PayPal confirming your purchase.  After this you will be able to login normally into your account.

Now your journey will be unlocked, and you can use our all our videos!

As a subscriber you will be entitled to a discount on our products and retreats, while being first to learn about our events and be actively involved in discussions for new productions, classes and meditations!

I have forgotten my password- where do I get a new one?

At the login page there will be a button below stating ‘ forgotten password’ click this link and you will be able to send yourself an password email reminder or password reset link.

Why don’t I receive any email reminders from Yocalm?

Good question, why don’t you!?

To receive reminders and tips just do to your account settings and turn email reminders on. You can also add info@yocalm.com to your email safe list so we don’t get sent to the trash.